Netflix outage interrupts streaming in US, Canada and Latin America (update: fixed!)

BY RICHARD LAWLER  4 hours ago

As they do each year, the holidays have brought their usual assortment of family gatherings, overeating and service outages, including one tonight affecting Netflix. We’re able to play videos on some of our devices but not others, and users are flooding Twitter with reports that it’s out. The official support account tweetedthat it’s aware of streaming issues on “all devices” throughout the US, Canada and Latin America. There’s no word on when service will be restored, but while we keep an eye on @Netflixhelps for updates, you can weigh the decision between actually talking to your family or trying out competition like Amazon Prime Instant Video, Hulu Plus or Redbox Instant.

Update: Netflix support says the issues have been fixed, which indicates service has been restored much faster than it was during last year’s Christmas Eve outage.

SOURCE: Netflix CS (Twitter)

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