Lightroom reportedly coming to iPad with $99 yearly subscription


Lightroom for iPad
photo: 9to5Mac

SUMMARY: A mobile version of the photo editing suite appeared briefly on Adobe’s site sporting a $99 annual price tag.


Photo editing for the iPad is about to get a whole lot better, according to a report that Adobe’s Lightroom editing suite is set to debut on iOS. 9to5Mac spotted references to a mobile version of Lightroom on Adobe’s website, and was told by a representative that the software is built for iPad.

lightroom 5

According to the report, Lightroom for iPad will be able to sync with other devices like a Mac or PC via Adobe’s Creative Cloud system. This means you won’t have to store extremely large RAW image files on your iPad. Instead you’ll be able to use the iPad to do your editing, then sync the file back to your computer or store it in the cloud. This won’t come cheap, however. It looks Adobe will be charging a $99 yearly access fee.

I’m curious to see just how closely a mobile version of Lightroom aligns with the desktop software, if Adobe is in fact releasing it at all. $99 annually is a pretty steep price, but if the iPad app can adequately replicate the experience you get on the desktop, it could be a good fit for professional photographers that travel often.

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