Wikipedia adding celebrity voices to wiki pages to preserve them for future generations



new project called WikiVIP was announced by Wikipedia today that seeks to add the voice of celebrities and other notable people to the online encyclopedia.

The project is the brainchild of Wikipedia editors Andy Mabbett and Andrew Gray, who thought that the encyclopedia could do with more sound files and began approaching celebrities to request short audio clips of their voices.

WikiVIP, which stands for “Wikipedia Voice Intro Project” sets out to make sure there is a public and freely reusable record of what notable people sound like for “current and future generations.”

The project has kicked off with Stephen Fry adding a sample of his speaking voice to the page about him. The hope is, that this will spread awareness of the project and cause other notable people such as scientists and artists that have Wikipedia pages about them to record their own samples.

For the first time, the BBC is also working with Wikipedia to provide short voice clips from some of its programming for preservation as well. These range fromSir Tim Berners-Lee to Aung San Suu Kyi.

Those who have Wikipedia pages about them are encouraged to contact the WikiVIP team with a voice recording to help contribute to the project.

full story:!tutWx


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