Amazon said to be negotiating Prime streaming music service

By Chris Welch

Amazon is said to be holding talks with record labels about a potential music streaming service. A new report from Recode claims these discussions are still in the early stages; Amazon hasn’t yet come close to finalizing the deals it would need to take on Spotify, Rdio, Beats Music, and Google Play Music All Access. Last year, we reported thatAmazon was talking to the labels about an on-demand music service, and Recode has essentially confirmed that a dialog is ongoing.

At this point, the novelty of music streaming services has largely worn off, but Amazon’s business approach could prove interesting. Just as it does with movies and TV shows, the company would likely include music streaming as part your Amazon Prime subscription. And while all of that content may seem like a lot when you factor in Prime’s $79 fee, Amazon has recently said it’s considering upping the annual cost by as much as $40. Having both music and video at your fingertips could help make a price hike easier to swallow.



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